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Planning & Implementation to Reach Boomers and Older Adults

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The Boomer Room

Marketing & Branding

We are a full-service marketing and branding company and can handle website development, collateral materials, advertising, radio and television ad placements and creation of mobile apps. 

We have a unique social marketing approach deeply rooted in research regarding the social networking habits of boomers and older adults.

Ageless Traveler provides a full range of consulting services including:

Boomer Marketing 

Are you missing the Boomer and older adult market although you have the perfect service or venue for this market? 

If you are concerned that you are not taking advantage of the incredible opportunities offered by the Boomer and older adult markets, or are uncertain as to how to position your company for that market, let us do an assessment and give you a realistic opinion as to whether the market is right for you, and if so, how to lead the market.

Facility Audits: 

Is your hotel, restaurant or other venue Boomer friendly and older adult friendly? 

This goes well beyond accessability or ADA requirements. 

We do a complete design audit from lighting to paint color to environmental toxins and breathability. 

Universal design must be seamless design and we consult with designers, architects, and decision-makers to be sure that from the moment a guest or traveler arrives and signs the card for registration to the moment their car or transportation comes at the end of their stay, they are satisfied with the seamless inclusive design elements that can make or break their experience. 

We have particular expertise in the older business traveler, the executive traveler and the executive woman traveler.

Message Points

Do your messaging, website, social media, advertising and public relations engage the Boomer and Older Adult?

We act as you advertising and creative arm or work with the public relations group or advertising agency of your choice or your in-house professional in making the right decisions for the most significant ROI.